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  • Traditional Full-Service Funeral
  • Burial
  • Cremation
  • Burial at sea
  • Body and organ donation
  • Repatriation

Who we are

who we are
All Melbourne Stud Road Funeral Arrangements
We are a family owned and operated Stud Road Funeral Service provider we offer inexpensive Services at Harris Family Stud Road Funeral home and a full range of Stud Road Funeral services.
We assist families arrange a meaningful dignified Stud Road Funerals for a loved one
Arrangements can be made in the comfort of your own home or even in our office
Our own individual service is available in all communities such as the securing associated with local chapel facilities

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Our Funeral Services

our funeral services
Melbourne Stud Road Funeral Services
Prepaid Funeral Plans Melbourne Stud Road
Melbourne Stud Road Funerals
Funeral Homes Services Stud Road Melbourne

Generally the Funeral Service is seen as a method of saying farewell to someone who has passed away. We are here to take a person through the options you must have to make which means you can organise the actual Stud Road Funeral Service you would like for the loved one.
Considering between cremation or else burial

Stud Road Funeral Advisor (03) 9562 3224

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Traditional Services

our traditional services

TRADITIONAL Stud Road Services

The chapel facilities we have available are modern and also good sized. There is also plenty of car-parking space to choose from.

Harris Family Stud Road Funeral Director Services and are available to accompany our services which in turn produces a quantity of sounds including pipe organ, electric piano or grand piano.
Harris Family Stud Road Funeral Director Services
Phone No cost Call No 1800 763 855 Round the clock / 7-days-a-week
All Melbourne Suburbs

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